The following employment data was provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (updated August 2017)

These estimates are calculated with data collected from employers in all industry sectors in Flagstaff, AZ, a metropolitan statistical area in Arizona.

Flagstaff Unemployment Rate 3.8%

Government Labor Force 18.5%

Civilian Labor Force 75.7%

Leisure and Hospitality 14.7%

Trade, Transportation & Utilities 10.0%

Education and Health Services 9.6%

Manufacturing 4.5%

Professional & Business Services 3.4%


Cost of Living Index (COLI)

The Greater Flagstaff Chamber gathers pricing information for a cost-of-living report every quarter which is compiled by the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) to create the national yearly cost of living index.

The latest data represents average prices submitted for the first two quarters of 2017. The Flagstaff composite cost of living index was 115.0, or 15% more than the national average. The composite index reflects pricing in six categories: housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods and services.

Each category is weighted differently:

•            Composite Index Housing (27.59% of Composite)

•            Groceries (13.61% of Composite)

•            Utilities (10.06% of Composite)

•            Transportation (9.59% of Composite)

•            Health Care (4% of Composite)

•            Misc. (35.15% of Composite)

Composite Index (Overall Cost of Living)

Flagstaff 115%

Lake Havasu City/Kingman 88.3%

Phoenix 97.0%

National Average 100%

More Flagstaff Cost of Living Data


Grocery Items



Health Care

Misc Goods & Services

Housing Cost Index

Flagstaff 142.5%

Lake Havasu City/Kingman 77%

Phoenix 91.6%

The quarterly Cost of Living Index is available by subscription for $165 per year. A copy of the report is available to Chamber members for review at the Chamber offices. Call us for more information (928) 774-4505.


The following data was provided by the US Census Bureau.

For more information about Flagstaff’s demographics visit FlagstaffProspector.com.

Flagstaff Total Population 71,459

Flagstaff Miscellaneous Statistics

Average Family Size 3.14

Average Household Size 2.50

Median Age 26.8

Number of Housing Units 26,254

Median Gross Rent $1,090

Per Capita Income $25,540

Median Household Income $50,677

Flagstaff Population by Age

<19 Years 27.9%

20-29 Years 27.9%

30-39 Years 12.5%

40-49 Years 9.2%

50-59 Years 9.1%

60+ Years 13.5%

Flagstaff Population by Race

African American 2.0%

Asian 2.4%

Hispanic 18.5%

Multiple 2.4%

Native American 9.4%

Other <1%

Pacific Islander <1%

White 59.9%

Flagstaff Population by Occupation

(16+, does not include government employment)

Accommodation, Food Services & Retail 30.1%

Administration & Office Support 22.6%

Construction & Manufacturing 10.8%

Educational Services 17%

Farming, Fishing & Forestry 1.1%

Healthcare & Social Assistance 12.3%

Transportation 2.8%

Other 3.3%

Flagstaff Population by Education

(Ages 25+)

Less than 9th Grade 2.8%

9th-12th – No Diploma 5.9%

High School Graduate 16.9%

Some College 22.5%

Associate’s Degree 9.4%

Bachelor’s Degree 23.5%

Graduate or Professional Degree 18.9%

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